"A Graphic Design Agency That Takes The Status-Quo and Eats It."

Responsive Web Design & Development In Cornwall

A great responsive website design comes from making full use of your branding and embracing digital technology; not from using re-hashed templates and static layouts.


Web Design Projects

Qualia Colour

With millions of colours at our disposal, how do we know what suits us best? Qualia Colour use advanced colour psychology for personal and commercial applications, creating 4 'archetypes' of colour – which one are you?

DUE Ltd.

When saying the words 'energy efficiency' the first thought in one's mind isn't exciting, nor is it different. We wanted to challenge the conventions of such an industry – we felt it wasn't pushing the right message. The website uses heavily-set typography to draw focus to the message and how necessary it is to act upon it.

Caspar R. Heide Illustration

Caspar is an illustrator/designer hybrid from Oslo, Norway. He needed a website to show off the epic talent he possess, which lends itself to character design, book cover design and editorial design, to name a few.

Tristram Stott Architects

Tristram Stott Architects are a local architecture firm that design contemporary houses, apartments and commercial buildings that have a respect for tradition. *Project Page Is Under Construction*

Mobile Web Vs. Apps

Some of the tech in mobile devices is very useful, but does the downsides of publishing a mobile app justify it?

Stop HTMLing!

“HTML5, CSS3, etc, are overused buzzwords and have already been around for years… As soon as they are actually fully used they will have been superseded.”


Although this website never made it out of the final developmental stages, we have a working preview hosted on this site. Despite the creativity and interactivity (arguably before its time) the site wasn't considered SEO friendly enough for the market. We've included it here to show what lengths an idea can go to in the digital realm.


What if the structure of education could be changed to become more independent, more digital and more diverse? This project looks at how a new platform could make those changes whilst sitting alongside schools and the curriculum.

Cornwall Air Ambulance

Designing for a charity dedicated to saving the lives of those in difficult to reach places, we created an illustrated team of heroes to represent them in their fundraising campaign.

RITUAL – Informative

Whatever we do, say or signify, the person receiving that information receives or infers meaning from it; no matter what the information is.

RITUAL – Tractable

When you add in more products or services to your line, they want to naturally fit in. If it feels difficult to work with, then your branding isn’t tractable.


How do you fight against the rising dependency on social media for connectivity without being considered antiquated? A local network! The idea is to connect people geographically, rather than just via 'friends'; better advert targeting, event promotion and local awareness.

Rodolphe's Revenge

A Russian-constructivist themed website and brand for a satirical webcomic tackling social issues and bad superheroes.

Wee Jock's

Wee Jock's is a brand for the niche grooming of West Highland Terriers in Cornwall. The brand makes use of the dog legend from TV show 'Hamish Macbeth' in the 90's as the mascot.

RITUAL – Unique

Why have faster horses when you can have cars?

RITUAL – Lasting

If you plan on sticking around and actually mattering in the years to come, you need to avoid the gimmicks and stick to your principles – you also need to know what those are.


Whyfield are accountants – they felt that their branding didn't really represent who they truly were, so we produced mock-ups to show how they could be really different from the competition.

Change alone is perpetual, eternal, immortal.