"A Graphic Design Agency That Takes The Status-Quo and Eats It."

Creative Print & Graphic Design In Cornwall

Print design isn't dead - just ask anyone who sees their branded material fresh off the press. We design for leaflets, flyers, business cards, editorial pieces, posters, and many more.


Print Design Projects

Fallen on Good Times

Fallen on Good Times, part of the Pilgrim's Wane series, is a supernatural detective novel with a comedic feel to it. We created the cover to show off the sheer talent involved in its writing.


Desperate times call for desperate measures; despite this sentiment this company took our advice half-heartedly and it wound them up defunct. We produced some beautifully raw designs that would be a shame not to show off – the message being that a strategy needs to be properly implemented for it to work, rather than idealised.

Cornwall Brewers' Alliance

The CBA is an informal grouping of Cornish beer producers with a view for cross-promotion, joint distribution and events. The Cornwall Brewers' Alliance was the first Snakeskin project – we produced the branding and developed large format prints for them.

Gummee Glove

A first-of-its-kind teething mitten designed for babies that would otherwise chew on their hands; Gummee Glove wanted packaging that would show off the product and all its features.

RITUAL – Informative

Whatever we do, say or signify, the person receiving that information receives or infers meaning from it; no matter what the information is.

RITUAL – Alluring

This is where non-creatives really struggle – what looks good is totally subjective and instead of trying something new, the safe option seems preferable.

The Engine Room

The Engine Room is a social enterprise support-body. This range of flyers was designed to promote their series of business development courses.

NBC Universal

NBC Universal asked us to produce some printed designs for their newest campaigns, stating that they wanted to move away from 'teal' being used for everything. We created posters, CD covers and billboards for them.

Artisan Crepes

New business 'Artisan Crepes' needed a brand to show off the artistry and style of its process; Snakeskin Studios did just that.


Snakeskin wanted to try its hand at conceptualising a video game from a graphic-design-first perspective. The video game premise was complicated to make the job even harder, but ultimately, rewarding.

Qualia Colour

With millions of colours at our disposal, how do we know what suits us best? Qualia Colour use advanced colour psychology for personal and commercial applications, creating 4 'archetypes' of colour – which one are you?

RITUAL – Relevance

Knowing what makes you different allows you to develop a visual identity that is relevant to your own company and not just your industry.

RITUAL – Tractable

When you add in more products or services to your line, they want to naturally fit in. If it feels difficult to work with, then your branding isn’t tractable.

The Cocktail Brothers

By taking the American Prohibition-era aesthetic and applying it to modern markets, could we change the nature of the pre-mixed cocktail industry?

Phoenix Watergate Bay

This project was on offer from our friends at LWC Drinks, who provide a menu design service to their customers. This particular client wanted something a little more bespoke, in which we obliged to help.

Death Adder

A random collection of short-term pieces of graphic design work; everything from logo designs to Nic Cage worship.

Cornwall Air Ambulance

Designing for a charity dedicated to saving the lives of those in difficult to reach places, we created an illustrated team of heroes to represent them in their fundraising campaign.

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