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Web Design & Branding Prices

Showing prices is a tad strange in the design industry. When asking, "How much does this cost?" your typical answer is "It depends." Whilst it is indeed true that a vast volume of factors dictates the cost of your graphic design, it would actually help to give you an idea - are we talking hundreds, thousands... hundreds of thousands?!


Design Prices

Showing prices is a tad strange in the design industry. When asking, "How much does this cost?" your typical answer is "It depends." Whilst it is indeed true that a vast volume of factors dictates the cost of your graphic design, it would actually help to give you an idea - are we talking hundreds, thousands... hundreds of thousands?!

This way, you can prepare budgets or compare with other agencies; although a word of warning - prices do not directly dictate the quality of a design outcome. Having said that, £50 for a logo is like paying the same for a small car; it can't be good for very long.

In terms of variations of work, we commit to giving the option of 3 'routes.' Most agencies will provide options in the form of colour or font - not us. 3 distinct and creative possibilities are presented even if you have a solid idea of what you want, because what you hadn't thought of may suit the company better. Plus it’s our job.

When it comes down to timing of delivery, we like to work to deadlines, but not small ones. As creatives we like to think, experiment and screw-up a few times before reaching an end goal. If you want your branding done in a week then perhaps one of the aforementioned '£50 a logo' companies would suit you better.

In case you were wondering how we charge design, contracted work is split in half - paid upon start and finish. If you are going for the smaller projects, such as print, then price per hour applies - which is set at £33ph. (Prices don't include printing costs, which vary depending on quantity, paper stock and finishes - we can get a quote lightning fast though.) We do not charge VAT currently.

Branding Prices

Branding goes above and beyond logo design; it is the difference of describing someone by their hair colour and talking about someone's character. All businesses need an identity that’ll reflect their true values, so expect no meaningless ‘corporate-ness’ from us.

But when is it a good idea to have a rebrand? I could spend a deal of time here, but the long and short answer is when some form of internal change happens. New market focus, product launch, bigger company etc...

Northern Ribbon Snake - Small Start-up*

Even a brand new company needs a good brand to be a lasting success. If you're serious about your business and are firmly grounded in reality, a small but distinctive brand is the way forward that doesn't break the bank.

> What does it cover? You'll get a logo and a business card designed at least. We'll often include small amounts of copy, such as slogans or key phrases.

From £300 (exclu. prints)
Californian King Snake - SME

Been in business a little while but feel a need to regroup/refocus/reflect? Rebrand! Great if you've yet to invest energies in marketing and want to carve your slice of the pie.

> What does it cover? Logo and variants, cards, marketing copy, branding guidelines + one category from print design.

From £700 (exclu. prints)
Western Hognose Snake - Stores/Places

You'll find that stores are becoming harder to keep hold of in the modern day, you need to make sure your customers not only enjoy the products, but the experience too for them to keep coming back.

> What does it cover? Logos, signage, point of sale, posters, marketing copy (however this really depends on the type of store, this is typical of most)

From £1000 (exclu. prints)
Albino Burmese Python - Larger Corporate

Let it be known that all our clients are treated with the same levels of creativity and enthusiasm, even the corporates. Don't let the status quo dictate your company’s brand; you need something unique and exciting that suits.

> What does it cover? Logo & sub branding**, business cards, copy writing, branding guidelines + three categories from print design.

From £1800 (exclu. prints)

*A few exceptions may apply
**Sub-branding involves the slight repositioning of a brand to fit a different product or service within that company. Any company needing sub-branding will be on this price bracket.

Web Design & Development Prices

Having a 'Responsive' website is not the only mark of quality a site can have. To stand out from the trillions of webpages out there, you need a site that sparks imagination and engages creatively. We never use the same code twice, never will we ever give our clients pre-existing templates.

Rainbow Boa - 'Brochure' Sites

Want a creative and hassle-free online presence that shows off the best parts of your company? Ideal for service-based businesses, portfolio sites and product displays.

> What does it do? We don't price by number of pages, that's totally old school. Instead we base it on the level of content and how awesome we can make it.

> How complex is it? Not at all on the surface, but it will have a level interactivity that only comes with custom builds.

From £1500 + £70 hosting + 1 year free web management. *Most Popular*
Diamondback Rattlesnake - CMS Sites

Are you one of those types who likes to update the website with new content, blogs or just have control over creativity? Sounds like you need a content management system! Whilst these aren't our favourite, what with the imposed creative limits for the sake of content strategy, we can take a pragmatic approach. It won't be as custom, but it will be cool.

> What does it do? You'll have a 'template' designed for you that you can use to edit and publish content through a CMS such as Wordpress.

> How complex is it? You're somewhat at the mercy of the given CMS here; their code is often heavy duty and not to be touched. The CSS build on top (the part you get from us) will be lightweight and clear.

From £2000
Black Viper - E-commerce Sites

Whilst our experience with these kind of sites is relatively small, our design first approach to web development could not apply here more. Whilst most e-commerce sites look to be stripped-back to suit mobile devices, our design will be 'on-brand' rather than just another portal to sell things through.

> What does it do? You'll be able to post items to sell; customers can create accounts and buy directly from the site.

> How complex is it? Often these are similar builds to CMS sites, Majento being popular for this sort of thing. They are complex beasts that are designed with customer ease first (although we'd like to experiment with that) It often helps to integrate something like Shopify to ease up the required number of platforms in use. This may also warrant some outside help too.

From £3500 (you'd best chat with us first before taking this figure as is)

Print Prices

What happens if you already have branding and you're happy with it? You might be running a promotion or have a stand at a industry fair that you want to go all out for; whatever it is, a short discussion will help us identify the best approach to such a campaign.

Tiger Snake - Promotion

Looking for some giveaways to jolt the memory of potential customers? Bolster the presence of your business with VAT free* printing and awesome design!

> What does it cover? Leaflets, flyers, booklets, merchandise

From £200 per item (exclu. prints)
Malabar Pit Viper - Display

Fancy showing off a little? Perhaps you have a business fair to be at or you're presenting at an event, either way, you need to get noticed.

> What does it cover? Signage, banners and/or stands

From £300 per item (exclu. prints)
Banded Krait - Product

Do you make things and sell them to people? Well makes sure you dress it up properly! Use this category to package your items with some panache and add value to your product.

> What does it cover? Point of sale, packaging (bottles / boxes / sleeves / cases / books), Menus (mainly for restaurants.)

From £400 per item + £100 per variant (exclu. prints)
Eastern Brown Snake - Office

Are you one of those serious types that has a thing for pens and headed paper? Give your communication some much needed authority - a must for corporates.

> What does it cover? pens, paper, notepads, uniforms, the like.

From £250 for the lot. (exclu. prints)
Taipan - Publicity

Taking to the streets and want the backing of a large format campaign? Get heads turning and the phones ringing.

> What does it cover? posters, billboards, anything requiring two or more hands to hold.

From £400 (exclu. prints)
Philippine Cobra - Editorial

Got something interesting and intelligent to say? Comprehensive, written campaigns can engage on a deeper level than just a flyer.

> What does it cover? newsletters, magazine layouts, company reports, info graphics, advertorials + the copy written.

From £400 scales with size of the item (exclu. prints)

*VAT free depends on the purpose of the prints and will require research beforehand.

Online Advertising/Graphics Prices

Have an online presence you want to promote? Need to make your social profiles look rad?

Emerald Tree Boa - Advertising

No annoying pop-ups of banner ads from us. These will be unique and informative that will draw in customers, not piss them off.

> What does it cover? Animated graphics, banner ads, skyscrapers. You might do well to also hook-up with a digital marketing agency too, for targeting and analytics sake.

From £150 per item (exclu. advertising fees)
Usambara Bush Viper - Social

Need to give your social accounts some added professionalism and a touch of creativity?

> What does it cover? cover photos, social ads, profile styling, photo editing/manipulation, image & typography

From £100 starting costs + £33 per posted graphic

Marketing Consultancy

Marketing is perhaps the biggest area in running a business - whilst some will remember good service, other will remember that cheeky television ad, or the snappy billboard campaign you did. Marketing needs to be unique, informative and alluring for it to get the time of day it deserves. If you're planning on mimicking what others have done, stop right now and pick up the phone.

Asiatic Reticulated Python - Marketing

Marketing exists for the life of a business, so the longest snake in the world seems fitting. Whilst marketing is an area that no one person can cover alone, it helps to get the time go over ideas with someone that has their lid taken off - so to speak.

> What does it cover? You'll get unique, but relevant ideas on how to market the company, as well as objective feedback and honest, constructive criticism.

Free for new businesses! £33ph (usually hour and a half sessions) thereafter

Snake-pit - Combinations

Select a suiting combination to receive a 10% overall discount!

Agathodaemon - Spirit of growth.

Northern Ribbon Snake + Tiger Snake + Rainbow Boa

Perfect package for start-up businesses looking to strike fear into the competition.

From £1830!
Ouroboros - Constantly re-creating itself anew.

Californian King Snake w/ Eastern Brown Snake + Tiger Snake + Rainbow Boa + Asiatic Reticulated Python (4 sessions)

For those who have been in business a couple of years and are ready to show their stuff; important for businesses to maintain relevance in the changing world.

From £2279!
Titanaboa - Old king of business

Albino Bermese Python w/ Malabar Pit Viper x2 & Eastern Brown Snake + Taipan + Philippine Cobra + Asiatic Reticulated Python (4 sessions)

More of the analogue type? A traditional, larger scale, print-based rebrand for a sizeable businesses.

From £2504!
Damballa - Ruler of the mind and intellect.

Philippine Cobra x2 + Diamondback Rattlesnake + Usuambara Bush Viper + Asiatic Reticulated Python (4 sessions)

Got some valuable things to say both online and offline? Get your message across clearly and creatively.

From £2729!
Jörmungandr - World Serpent.

Emerald Tree Boa + Usambara Bush Viper + Albino Bermese Python (choice of print categories) + Diamondback Rattlesnake

Hell bent on world domination but don't like to travel so much? Have the Internet as your playground whilst retaining a strong regional presence.

From £3915!
Amphisbaena - Multi-faced product sales.

Western Hognose Snake + Banded Krait + Black Viper + Emerald Tree Boa + Usambara Bush Viper

Have a store and want to bring online? You'll want to make sure your establishment doesn't fall behind.

From £4365!

Change alone is perpetual, eternal, immortal.