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Branding: Up & Leaf

How does a portable garden company use design to become a lifestyle brand? With the targeting of medium-high worth individuals living in the tight spots of the city, this modular, bespokely designed garden platform was perfect for showing of status.


Up & Leaf

Even though this project never came to a conclusion, we wanted to show off our ideas for it.

Our first of which was to use a decorative ampersand – or "&" – as the logo that would also act as a pattern. It would concentrate on the gardening element a little more. It would be combined with stylised typography and soft edges.

It could also be readily applied to packaging.

The second idea was a little more nuanced, but hit a very positive tone with the client. The idea was that each element of the i-ching (classical Chinese divination) applied to a different reason for buying the product. Be it for better health with self-grown veg, social occasions with modular seating and BBQ options, or even creativity with the bespoke nature of the product.

Each element could be used separately to sell the product but also together to show the overall lifestyle improvement that could be attained with it.

Taking signifiers from clothing brands (experts in lifestyle branding) we created an identity that was simplistic, but a little adventurous in its own right.

The brand was recognisably consistent despite its different logo-form and colours.

Each image would demonstrate, at a glance, the essence of this section of the brand, this one being about career.

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