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Print Design: The Engine Room

The Engine Room is a social enterprise support-body. This range of flyers was designed to promote their series of business development courses.


The Engine Room

The guys from Engine Room approached us to create a print campaign promoting their upcoming series of seminars on business development. Running with the theme of cogs (which they had used in previous print work) we improved upon the graphical elements and created a flow that linked each of the flyers together to create the series.

Engine Room liked our output from the get-go, but that didn’t stop the tide of date revisions and copy alterations, which is exactly why design must be tolerant of change. As colour in this instance was the major affordance of change, we went through several modifications of tone.

Not the final colouring, but in this stage of the development we opted for green (it was a colour they really wanted to use) on the back of each flyer, as it had the same information across them all. We went for more paste-like colours too.

The final 'Boot Camp' flyer.

The final 'Starting Out' flyer.

The final 'Selling Yourself' flyer.

The final 'People Power' flyer.

The final 'Becoming a Leader' flyer.

And the reverse of each flyer.

We were also tasked with creating a leaflet with a timetable listing the locations of each workshop. Unfortunately, this never saw the light of day because when Cornwall College released the funds, most of the dates had actually passed!

The inside of the leaflet.

And the reverse.

A close up of the printed designs.

And the whole collection lined up.

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