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Web Design & Branding: Rodolphe's Revenge

A Russian-constructivist themed website and brand for a satirical webcomic tackling social issues and bad superheroes.


Rodolphe's Revenge

Taking its name from Rodolphe Topffer, the 18th-Century satirist and 'inventor of comics', Rodolphe's Revenge is a webcomic that riffs on classic elements of the nostalgic geek culture that is so popular online. With a wide range of recurrent jokes and characters, Rodolphe's Revenge uses deadpan, surreal, often dark humour to highlight the absurdity of modern popular culture and its obsessions.

The redesigned RR logo features Cyrillic characters to fit the new Russian constructivist design style. The bold red and soft yellow make up the colour scheme for the rest of the site.
Each page of the site has a static navigation, allowing views to search through the site in seconds

The comic also moves vertically, so that punch-lines are not spoilt like they are in print comics.

The site has also had an updated comic archive, running with the original issue numbers, it's more impactful and easier to find the desired comic.

There have been added pages too, such as a blog and a new store in which RR sells t-shirts through.

RR occasionally creates "freebies" like wallpapers for fans.

This is part of a comic in which the innocent video-game world of 'Pokémon', hugely familiar and popular among 18-25 year-olds who grew up with the game, is shown in a gruesomely realistic light.

Part of a deliberately over-the-top Christmas-themed comic that riffs on the traditional holiday tale 'The Gift of the Magi'.

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