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Branding, Print & Web Design: Qualia Colour

Qualia Colour came to us as 'Colour Witch', seeking a new brand, as well as a website that was more fashionable than what they currently had. We arrived at Qualia; a word used to describe something where each person's experience with it is different in some way and thus, they react differently to it.


Qualia Colour

With millions of colours at our disposal, how do we know what suits us best? Qualia Colour use advanced colour psychology for personal and commercial applications, creating 4 'archetypes' of colour – which one are you?

The original site and brand was very basic and focused too heavily on the range of colours, as opposed to particular palettes or what suited people better – it wasn't focused enough.

The first point of call with the branding was to create business cards, and a range of them. Each of the 4 cards represented an archetype using different times of day to illustrate people's peak energy times.

Sunset people, for instance, are very fiery and lively, more often than not creative and carry with them buckets of intrigue.

Each card used writing to give light to the relatively abstract profession this is.

Midnight types are stoic, born leaders who earn the respect of others through sheer work and determination.

Each card, like the rest of the brand, uses its own palette of colours covering a variety of uses and applications. Each tone is representative of the personalities it suits best.

Afternoon people are traditional, elegant and ordered. Their tastes belong to the classy and the beautiful.

Each card not only uses different hues of colour, but different transparencies and saturations to show just how wide the scope of colour really is.

Dawn people are the fun, fresh and social types who long for BBQs on the beach and days spent with their vast network of friends.

A collection of the printed business cards.

One piece of print marketing are these postcards, used to target the 'Dawn' archetype specifically. It gives a small portion of information about the colour groups themselves so to hook the ones who identify as 'Dawns' and arouse the curiosity in those who aren't... what am I, I wonder?

The reverse talks more about the essential nature of colour and how Qualia teaches people to harness it, for business and for personal use.

The front and back of the printed postcards.

One of the elements of printed material that informed the brand heavily, as well as the website, are these display boards. They are used to paint a picture of the likes and loves of particular groups – 'Dawns' of course being the "out-and-about" types.

'Afternoon' is a perfect representation of the calm and bliss one can experience through colour. The most elegant group remains gentle even with the use of pinks and purples, which when used normally tend to be very overbearing.

The 'Sunset', being the most diverse of groups, features a heavy use of pop-culture and earthy tones to demonstrate their fascination with the world.

'Midnight', the most aspirational group, use very bold and decisive tones and a love for the avant-garde. They love to be in the spot light and use sharp interjections of colour to snap attention their way.

These display boards are large format and used during courses to teach how the different groups identify with certain colours and interests.

The letterheads use the 'Afternoon' palette for its love of order and attention to detail. The letterheads would be used for reports and the like; as letters go, they're pretty unique in themselves.

The website, something we're particularly proud of, changes the entire style of the site depending on the time of day. Afternoon hours gives you an 'Afternoon' palette with the corresponding imagery.

Dawn hours would also change it too. If you look carefully, you'll notice how the logo and text changes tone also to match with the group better.

The site can also be manually changed in a mere moment too, thanks to the dynamic nature of a custom built site.

The site doesn't play to the rules of normal navigation standards, instead the homepage focuses on the archetypes and the navigation allows people to experiment with the sites before moving on.

The main route around the sits below the imagery when uses decide to investigate further. Rather than clicking through the entire site like most website kind of force, this one uses an organic pathway to guide the way to those looking for more information.

As part of the offline campaign and the courses on offer, users receive a custom colour booklet, with swatches inside specific to their palette and personal style.

The booklet is A6 for portability and features 12 pages designed for quick reference when in shops.

The printed cover and contents for the booklets.

The collection of final prints for Qualia Colour.

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