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Print Design: Phoenix Watergate Bay

This project was on offer from our friends at LWC Drinks, who provide a menu design service to their customers. This particular client wanted something a little more bespoke, in which we obliged to help.


Phoenix Watergate Bay

Never actually meeting the client or even visiting their venue, we started out at somewhat of a disadvantage; however, we knew we could work wonders as soon as we received their old logo in the form of a word document – a designer’s greatest fear. Using Adobe Illustrator, we re-drew the logo.

This was the logo we received from the bar/restaurant in a Word format. It was so impossible to use we had to fix it. The phoenix mark was then given a container so it would ‘behave’.

We added a colour pallet and decided on a typographic language for them, turning the clip-art into a bold and demanding brand.

We often surprise ourselves with how the same logo can be used in a different setting to give another level of feeling to it.

This direction was preferred, by ourselves too, but we still needed to make variations to show the client.

We used the idea of abstract wings to wrap around the menu. It gave a strong visual hierarchy and gave the illusion of more choice from an otherwise small menu.

The second version had more of an element of class to it (keep in mind we still hadn't seen the venue) and was less abstract than the first.

The client liked them both so much that they wanted a fusion of the 2, which we rarely agree is worth doing, but we weren't totally against the notion this time.

A mock-up of the outside and inside prints.

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