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Branding & Web Design: Locolony

How do you fight against the rising dependency on social media for connectivity without being considered antiquated? A local network! The idea is to connect people geographically, rather than just via 'friends'; better advert targeting, event promotion and local awareness.



Locolony is our answer to the ever pressing problem of local community being erased by national corporations and the Internet. Turning the problem on its head, we designed a social networking site specifically for local communities to host local events and showcase local businesses.

The Branding uses penguins to replicate how penguins need each other to survive. They look after their community and pass it on to the next generation. The idea is to show that every community has something to offer and the site shows what these offerings are.

Each person that signs up lists what they are good at to help bring something to the area, something they can contribute.

Much like Twitter, a feed of news comes through onto the main page showing just how active the area is, anyone who signs up is automatically connected.

The business page shows what local organisations are in the area and a way of filtering through them to look for different types of company.

Each local business has their own page which local people, and visitors using the holiday function, can rate and comment on their experience with the company.

The events calendar shows the next events to occur and what are to follow that week.

The local news section features an RSS from a number of sources that refer to the area exclusively for instant updates on what's happening around town.

The profession page show are more personalised section of the site. Any post relative to your listed profession will arrive there to help you respond to local business opportunities.

The Manifesto is a place for Locolony to have their say and encourage people to do the same.

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