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Branding & Marketing: Kinesis.

Snakeskin wanted to try its hand at conceptualising a video game from a graphic-design-first perspective. The video game premise was complicated to make the job even harder, but ultimately, rewarding.


Kinesis Laboratories

Snakeskin Studios' first videogame project, Kinesis is a physics-based adventure game in which players can choose a range of superpowers - from psychokinesis and super-speed to the ability to manipulate the fabric of reality itself - and fine-tune them as the story progresses. This page displays some marketing ideas and interface designs to be used within the game.

The video game cover features a simplistic corporate approach with a subtle use of imagery in the background to give more depth.

The power icons for the Cognitive and Physical Factions and their alternate style. Nueral, Terror, Flight, Telekinesis, Armour and Mind Control for Cognitive. Super Speed, Regeneration, Super Strength, Agility, Bezerker and Transformation for the Physical.

The power icons for the Elemental and Catalytic Factions and their alternate style. Lightning, Wind, Nuclear, Earth, Fire and Water for Elemental. Data, Illusions, Invisibility, Amplify, Mimic and Spectral for the Catalytic.

The power icons for the Quantum Faction, which started as yellow and moved to brown to fit with their characters, and their alternate style. Time Travel, Sub-Atomic, Singularity, Loop Quantum Gravity (LQG), Teleportation and Dimensional for Quantum.

The power group for the Catalytic Faction. Their abilities consist of strategic planning, deception and copying other power groups.

The power group for the Cognitive Faction. Their abilities consist of mind manipulation and advanced telekinetic powers.

The power group for the Elemental Faction. They control earth, wind, fire, water, electricity and radiation.

The power group for the Physical Faction. Their abilities are all about power and manipulating the human body.

The power group for the Quantum Faction. This faction can bend reality and has some control over time.

This example shows how the powers could be used within an interface; selecting, modifying and scrolling through them.

To get a sense of how the game's interface would function, we created (very) basic power demonstrations in Lego and edited the interface into the video.

For the marketing of Kinesis, we wanted to give the idea that they were a real company because their presence in the game is so palpable.

The marketing reveals the complacency of the company in their quest to earn money and power.

The Marketing will also extend into print, replicating product ads whilst looking quite mundane.

This poster shows Super Strength in product form used by a scientist.

The posters would be displayed as a set, making no mention of the game itself and purporting to advertise the company itself.
After a week or so the narrative of the game would be referred to in the advertisements, making them look as if they had been violently defaced.

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