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Packaging Design: Gummee Glove

A first-of-its-kind teething mitten designed for babies that would otherwise chew on their hands; Gummee Glove wanted packaging that would show off the product and all its features.


Gummee Glove

We met Jodine of Gummee Glove after she gave a talk in Cornwall and approached her with the idea the packaging could do with a little SSS magic. To our surprise, she agreed. Following a meeting in Plymouth in Dec 2013, we had 3 distinct directions we could have explored: we were particularly proud of the 'comic' concepts.

Not the world's greatest 3D mock-up, but this simply points our the position of certain objects and how the product sits inside.
The more detailed front shows where the elements would sit and how the see-through packaging works.

The back made use of the transparency to point out the features of the product without using lots of images.

Idea 2 showed how we could use a mascot to illustrate how the product worked in an instant. We also looked at the form the product could take outside of just square.

Another 3D turnaround for idea 3, this time showing the transparency only on the front.

A better articulation of the front. The concept follows a comic idea, the 'tab' in the top corner of the view-port acts like an identifier.

The real magic in this idea comes from the story-telling using a super-mum and a baby in crisis. We explained the features using exaggerated imagery.

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