"A Graphic Design Agency That Takes The Status-Quo and Eats It."

Creative Web Design: Goldladder Ltd.

We created a working mock-up website for digital marketing agency – Goldladder. We wanted to embrace the 'science' behind their current branding and used an interactive laboratory to do just that.



Goldladder Ltd. is an Exeter-based digital marketing agency with an international client base and several years' experience in the industry. Prior to our redesign the company was using as a homepage a basic WordPress template that failed to reflect the company's wide range of skill and experience.

Click this link to view a pseudo-live version of the Goldladder Website.

The people at Goldladder are fans of the 8-bit visual style of early computers and by incorporating them into the branding, we gave the company a unique, friendly and humorous appearance.
'Bernie', the Kaiju-esque monster that on the Goldladder website represents the internet, is comprised of a shifting mass of user-generated-content, intended to signify the difficulty of digital marketing online.

Site users can tour the 'Goldladder laboratory' to see how the company can help them. The site is designed to make this as enjoyable and interactive a process as possible.

Each section of the site aims to delve deeper into the science of Goldladder's process. This particular room showcases off their secret formula and how each element can work on its own.

The next room shows how the formula can be mixed depending on the needs of the user, producing a different solution.

This room showed how their clients used different mixes to tackle different problems and how it affected 'bernie' in the process.

The about page was made to be comical, the characters would change when selected.

The last page was the farewell area, where users could follow them to keep in touch or send an email.

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