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Book Cover Design: Fallen On Good Times

We created the book cover for both the digital and print versions of this first in series: “Fallen on Good Times”, which tells the tale of Laslo Kane, a troubled detective who takes a case that challenges the mob within the eldritch city of Pilgrim’s Wane.


Fallen On Good Times

Our good friend Rewan Tremethick, a copywriter know as “The Hyperteller”, decided to embark on a more self-driven writing task: a series of supernatural detective novels set in prohibition-era America. We can testify to the quality of his book and commend the sheer fun we had reading it, very excited to get to work on his follow-up novels. We strongly recommend you buy the book here, from Amazon.co.uk

We started this project with the notion that something had to be somewhat off, yet subtle.

The other approach could have been the 'double-take' but we felt it to be a little too obvious.

Even if we were to give the book itself a different form.

There were also talks of making it very art-deco influenced, which would later inform some of the graphical elements.

With a more detailed illustration for the first concept we began to play with the typographic elements and the colours.

This version was an excitingly different and thrilling version we came up with that didn't quite fit the tone of the book, but we wanted to show anyway.

Even with an odd colour filter in play, this idea was still very striking. It wasn't a totally waste of time however.

We used a similar typographic styling and began to work on the best colours to invoke the feelings the book gave.

The final outcome for this project shows the full cover. The colouring isn't as dark as most detective/supernatural covers are, because it has its own lightness too it, the colour also added a fog effect, which added more depth too.

A very short animation to feature at the end of Rewan's 'Book trailers' in which we see Laslo Kane falling and forming the shape of the cover on a different view-port size to the cover, which was tricky!

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