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Here we place all of our odds and sods that live in the graphic design realm.


Death Adder

A random collection of short-term pieces of graphic design work; everything from logo designs to Nic Cage worship.

A "nerdy" wordplay using Javascript. The parameters of the functions would fail to return an 'else' instance because all variables pass the function. A literal translation as well as a stylised version of the saying. Pretty clever!

Quicker read/write speeds, less waste and potentially higher storage space, using SD cards for video games seems like a possible option to us. Stylising these would create a beautiful collection for any gamer.

This project was made at the request of the Falmouth University International Society, a group whose aim is to welcome international students to Falmouth and help them settle in during the first few weeks. We tried to incorporate as much as possible the sense of unity and mutual support provided by the society into the designs we produced.

Using the logo within the context of the event maintains a continuity between prints.

The typographic design of this flyer is intended to convey information efficiently, with the size of the type proportionate to the importance of the information.

Logo for construction quotation company.

'A Cube with Ice In It.'

Logo for a DJ makes use of the shape of a headphone, but also a canon and a vinyl.

Logo for a marketing company specialising in viral marketing.

A short animated logo that plays on three avenues. (negative) Space, being still (it's moving) and stationary (hence the pencil).

An infographic showing how technical and medical advancements in the last 30 years have coincided with the decline of members of the Christian faith in England.

Hero-themed cocktail mix: Batman. The idea being the hero would reveal himself one the bottle became empty as the liquid and label have the same colours.

Hero-themed cocktail mix: Superman.

Typographic design for National Maritime Museum.

Another typographic design for National Maritime Museum.

Steaks n' Sushi is a fusion Japanese restaurant where the customer is able to choose from a wide variety of dishes and share them with their friends around the table. Designing for the restaurant, we tried to reflect the restaurant's philosophy of serving small, shareable dishes as much as possible in the menu's aesthetic.
The use of circles and brilliant reds on the menu cover is intended to recall the iconic minimalism of the Japanese 'Rising Sun' flag.

Inside, the menu showcases the variety of dishes available, with the use of colour and text negating the need for imagery and keeping the menu simple and easy to read.

The reverse featured the pre-set meals and a few of the more expensive items.

Typographic wordplay.

A Locolony penguin designed after Marvel supervillain Magneto.

Cover design for Cormac McCarthy's 'The Road'. Takes inspiration from the map the characters follow down south in search of salvation.

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