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Branding: Cornwall Brewers' Alliance

The CBA is a grouping of some of the finest breweries in Cornwall, working together on seasonal beers, cross-promotion and distribution; we developed their branding.


Cornwall Brewers' Alliance

There are few things that SSS loves more than beer, when we got the chance to design for an alliance of brewers in Cornwall, we leapt at the opportunity, here's what followed...

Our first approach to this project was to look at implementing "Cornishness" into the brand, as drinkers and brewers are so proud to be part of it.

We used the Duke of Cornwall's crest to inform the design as the circles reminded us of bubbles commonly seen in beer.

Making a number of variations and formats for the application of this idea, we used beermats as well as making a stand-alone emblem.

It was our thought to make a logo that could be used in any number of formats to sit with all of the breweries that are part of the alliance.

We ended the approach making use of the shape of a bottle cap, almost like a seal of approval for the different brews available.

However, SSS is not a one trick pony, we also created a range of typographic coasters in which the top range went down a storm.

After the CBA chose this design, we got to work expanding the format and different usage types.

We were then asked to develop a banner to publicise the alliance, which we ran with the idea of a beer coaster and placed on a wooden table.

The banner concept is clean yet and eye-catching with a very unique style that resonates with a newer type of audience of ale drinkers.

We expanded the concept to make a gathering of the different brewery that are part of the alliance, much a scene you would expect to see in a pub. Warm and inviting.

The printed banner was showcased for the first time at the St. Austell Brewery beer tasting evening, which we attended and can safely say, had a great time!

CBA asked us to produce a pump-clip for their charity run beer, they needed a quick turnaround.

After receiving vastly unhelpful feedback for first batch of ideas we decided to show exactly what their requests would translate too.

We weren't particularly pleased with the beer name, it was thoughtless a bit. Dealing with a whole group who have different ideas for what it should be just results in nothing despite our best efforts to share ideas

The final version saw the pump-clip halved in size to cut print costs. What we had mocked-up in a few hours took several weeks to actually go to print, we make a point now of standing our ground in situations like this, simply because it becomes harder for everyone concerned.

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