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Branding, Illustration & Web Design: CAA

Designing for a charity dedicated to saving the lives of those in difficult to reach places, we created an illustrated team of heroes to represent them in their fundraising campaign.


Cornwall Air Ambulance

CAA was looking for a new brand identity to help encourage children and schools to raise funds for the charity. Re-appropriating common elements of Saturday-morning cartoons and videogames, we developed a series of characters - inspired by wildlife - that would appeal to children and garner enthusiasm for CAA.

The logo for Rotor League is a blend of roto-blades and the medical-aid symbol with a "speedy" typeface to imply movement and action.

The Rotor League: Steven Chips, Ms. Phinn, Hazel Oak, Harry Bass and Bruce Harding. These guys help to defend Cornwall from Morgawr, a villainous sea monster living in Falmouth Harbour. The booklet features the 4 major characters who are on duty to rescue people in need.

The A5 booklet, which would be distributed in schools, contains lots of useful information on CAA, as well as ideas for fundraising activities.

The language used in the pamphlets is worked out to appeal to children: 'enlist', for example, gives the impression that children are a part of the heroic team featured here.

To mimic card games like Pokémon and top-trumps, we created some collectable cards that are put in at random to the booklets.

Classic children's puzzles, such as this hellishly difficult maze, would feature within the younger children's booklets.

For the younger students we created a colouring in sheet.

A range of character posters would be made available from CAA.

SSS proposed to develop a simple website displaying character bios and CAA news, as well as a downloading section for posters and booklets to cut down on CAA's printing costs.

The teacher's booklet, while more formal, still maintains continuity with rest of the material: Rotor League commander Ms. Phinn features on the cover, for instance.

The booklet contains information to arrange fundraising days as well as taking students to see the air base and meet the team.

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