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Branding, Print Design & Video: The Cocktail Bros.

By taking the American Prohibition-era aesthetic and applying it to modern markets, could we change the nature of the pre-mixed cocktail industry?


The Cocktail Brothers

Cocktail Brothers was Snakeskin Studios' contribution to the pre-mixed cocktail industry. We felt that while there is a viable market for pre-mixed drinks, consumers may have felt that drinks of such low alcohol content didn't warrant such a high price tag, and that existing designs did not fully explore the products' potential.

The first point of call with this project was education; how could we teach the fundamentals of cocktail making? Given that its main demographic was young people who were open to new experiences and tastes, we designed Cocktail Brothers not as a single pre-mixed drink but a pre-packaged drink-mixing kit that included various ingredients: a cocktail chemistry set aesthetically inspired by the sophisticated drinking culture of 1920s-30s America.

We wanted to remove some of the laziness of pre-mixed cocktails and interject style. The kit would offer a cocktail shaker without the drinks mixed, so buyers could do it themselves.

It would be accompanied with this booklet that would take them through some of the more general processes.

The label, designed to cover the cocktail shaker had to be easily removable and lightweight to fit around the shape of the mixer.

A demonstration of the set-up.

The product was heavily linked to a mobile app, offering videos, a store and tips for making the best cocktails.

The store played heavily on brand synergy, allowing for different cocktails to be tried.

As mentioned, the app features a library of videos on how to make specific cocktail, with the help of the brand mascots – the Cocktail Brothers themselves.

The videos used no obtrusive sounds, so that you could quietly refer to it.

It used a step-by-step, text-aided, process.

Obviously we're not expert cocktail makers, but we wanted to illustrate how the style and method could be applied to a video.

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