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Branding & Web Design: Chalk.

What if the structure of education could be changed to become more independent, more digital and more diverse? This project looks at how a new platform could make those changes whilst sitting alongside schools and the curriculum.



Chalk is a project that aims to aid the learning process for students of all ages by integrating the curriculum into an interactive app that sets objective-based learning challenges for students while allowing staff to assist them and monitor their progress. The last two elements give you a demo video for both versions of the program.

Chalk employs a simple, uncluttered design style to enable ease of use and make the learning process less daunting.

The app is fully customisable in terms of colour, thus removing specific gender appeal and allowing the initial product to be widely and broadly appealing.

The simple layout directs users instantly to desired locations and tools.

The app uses 'gameification' as a learning model to show the child's progress, achievements and difficulty level, relative to their own development.

The app is designed to allow users to learn at their own pace.

Chalk's use of interactive user inputs is designed to allow students to employ whatever method of learning suits them best.

Each course of study ends with a test, using Chalk's interactive systems to quantify the user's understanding of the subject and give them some sense of achievement.

Rewards are scaled according to the percentage of correct answers; new 'trophies' are awarded for each progressing difficulty level.

Users can create their own profile with which they can keep on top of whatever courses they are currently taking.

The App is also cross-platform and can be used either in the class or at home for students to learn independently.

For teachers/tutors there is Chalk+, which monitors student progress and helps give students feedback for what progress they've made.

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