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Creative Web Design: Caspar R. Heide Illustration

Caspar's illustarations have a large focus on character design and visual metaphor – making him a natural storyteller. His website needed to show the diversity of his skill whilst remaning visually consistent and original.


Caspar R. Heide Illustration

We built an interactive site to reflect the fun in Caspar's work. Most illustrator's websites are fairly stern with their use of white and it can feel po-faced. The purpose of this site is to build up a picture of caspar's work and his entusiasm for it. Check out the site here, at: Caspar R. Heide Illustration

We didn't believe that any one person would look at all of the content on the website – for that matter, any website – so we built snapshots of his work, offering more of a moodboard rather than an exact picture of what a client could expect from him. Each preview provides a link to a full picture if the viewer is particularly interested in a piece.

As his style fluctuates between realism and fantasy, it produces accentuated features that don't feel gimmicky. This makes his work feel animated, which is why we made the website interactve – there's a sense of discovery to it.

Being a comparatively light-weight web build, we could make the website into a single page. This saves users clicking back and forth to view project pages that may not have much content, say for a single editorial. The navigation therefore works more like a rapid-transport system, taking users to new areas on the page instantly.

As responsive web design becomes a staple feature, we don't see the reason to hinder a layout to fit a small screen. Caspar's website is a good example of a tractable layout in action.

Having clear visual breaks means that users don't experience content fatigue, or feel like there is no end to the scrolling. Instead, these sections highlight work that shares a similar format or purpose.

We used colours that suited Caspar's personality – white wouldn't really say anything about the illustrator. The colours give a warmth to the work without being too visually noisey.

One of the most compelling elements of the website is the fixed images at the center of each section. They follow the user as the scroll and allow just a snippet extra of the work as they move past it.

As Caspar is innately modest about his talents, we produced the written content to compliment his work and communicate just how good he really is.

As with all service based professions, its nice to know who you're working with – Caspar being thoughtful and interested chap.

The site finishes off with a contact form for would-be clients to contact him.

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