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Branding: Canapes & Conversations

Local networking legend John Harvey asked us to produce a brand and some business cards for his newest venture in starting a networking business.


Canapes & Conversations

As networking is the business of knowing people, we wanted to create a brand that suited John's personality, as that would be what made up the values of the business.

It was designed to look uncluttered, to the point but a little bit out-there whilst remaining bold. We wanted to include a picture to really bring is character to life as well.

Using heavy set shapes, we could draw the gaze straight to the desired locations of information without users being lost in the sea of colour. It's a technique not used by many.

Experimenting with a different 'lead typeface' showed that the identity would be pushing too hard for boldness and losing some of its charisma.

Changing the format of the card itself yielded different results, but we weren't overly fond of them.

As the meaning of a given colour is usually given by context, it was fairly tricky to select a colour that suited networking. We need at the very least a warmer colour would suit the atmosphere you would hope for in networking.

After a while, John had decided not to use his likeness on the cards. So to retain a sense of detail we started designing spot varnishes.

This was whilst experimenting with the form of the logo itself and how that would affect the overall style.

We had decided to stick with orange. Red was a little too 'soviet' what with the hard edges and pink was a little too overwhelming. Orange is a vastly under used colour that signifies warmth and energy in just about every context.

We assisted John in the creation of taglines too, which was essential given the relatively nuanced line of work.

The final card front.

And the final card back.

An image of the printed cards showing off the spot-varnish.

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