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Branding & Print Design: Artisan Crepes

New business 'Artisan Crepes' needed a brand to show off the artistry and style of its process; Snakeskin Studios did just that.



When Joe left the franchise "le Crepeire du Sophie", a very popular local crepe stall, he came to us to design a brand that would establish his new business and express the quality and artistry of his process, we can certainly vouch for his product!

To start with, we've included process work to show how we got to the chosen logo. This approach was based on process of folding the crepes to make them easier to eat, creating an artistic, typographic approach.

We also experimented with the use of photography to literally showcase the artistry or making the crepes. With the photographic filters and tones, AC really wanted to keep this style in play.

Experimenting with just an iconographic approach, we fused the A and C together to create the initials in the shape of the hand movement to spread the crepe batter and the tool used to do it.

With the previous approaches in mind, we applied the logo to the form of a crepe holder.

Also containing it in a round crepe and trying out some more typographic approaches.

We even tried creating an emblem. The icon in its simplest form turned out to be the best approach, which we applied to blackboards where is menu will be displayed in AC's stall.

Carrying on the image concept and applying the newer designs to it, we used a few methods to stylise this fantastic photo of the crepe making process.

Carrying on the deep brown and creme colour scheme, we added a colour overlay and image effects to keep the logo as the focus.

Small changes really make a difference with the colouring, especially for print. We spent time making utterly perfect colouring for printing these business card designs.

The final colour and style, not too dark for print and rich enough to be stylish and modern whilst retaining it's Art Deco inspirations.

A portion of the loyalty cards we ordered for AC, we created a custom made stamp to ink press the logo for each trnasaction the cardholder makes.

The cards are a matt laminated, 350gsm silk coated material to stop the ink smudging with a front spot-varnish to catch the light and make the logo really stand out from all angles.

Joe also asked us to produce a banner for events that he would use the crepe stall at. The sign had to be seen from distance without being visually noisy.

The banner was printed at 4.5m by 1.25m and is easily the biggest printed work we've done!

We'd also ordered more business cards for AC too, as the spot varnish wasn't perfect on the outline type, so we changed to the supporting font.

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