"A Graphic Design Agency That Takes The Status-Quo and Eats It."

About Snakeskin Studios – Values, Members & Target Audience

Snakeskin is an outspoken, creatively challenging and fresh-faced design company that sees no need to pull punches and avoid pointing out bad design practices – especially if they're a detrement to the market.



Feel inclined to know the inside scoop? Are you one of those types that like to know what makes a company before working with them? We like doing that too, but the best way to get to know us is over a meeting – one that we can toast pints at the end of!

Josh Davidson

Josh is the main-man at Snakeskin; the primary founder of the company. He graduated from Falmouth University with a BA in Graphic Design in 2013 and went straight into starting a business. It was his belief that working for another agency would do little to expand his skills or make use of his challenging and holistic views on marketing, branding and web design. Starting a business, Josh could make use of his diverse talents and have his views heard.

Although his major talent resides in branding, having the ability to make websites allows his work with brands to enter the realm of web design in ways that most "specialists" wouldn't consider. Unlike his competition, he makes websites that are custom - learning code day in, day out – experimenting with new methods to create immersive and creative experiences.

Josh is a strong advocate of education though practice and offers mentorship to those who feel their creative teaching is doing little to boost their skills.

He also gives down to earth, pull-no-punches consultancy to small businesses with little to none marketing infrastructure. It is his view that small businesses cannot survive by attempting every avenue of business alone; business is about people after all.

Josh is heavily influenced by his interest in gaming and science fiction, which helps bring a sense of interactivity and innovation to his work. He is a lover of comic books, local beers and spicy food. He does, however, feel uncomfortable being sang to.

In late 2014, Josh took home the "Rising Star" award from Outset Cornwall after overwhelming support in the form of nominations from his business pals. The award was for the expected success of his career – due to his ambition, determination and genuine nature. The award currently sits on his desk, adorned with his Lego figures and Thunderbirds.

Snakeskin Studios

Snakeskin originally started as a trio of best friends; graduating Falmouth University in different courses with a view to combine them into a full-service design agency.

After some time, the novelty of freedom wore off and responsibility took over, something that not everyone embraced. After much trial and error, training and discussion, we decided to part ways. Josh retained the company's intellectual rights, considering it was mostly of his own creation.

The company has now rebranded and re-focused its efforts on design of the graphic and web variety, whilst using freelancers to facilitate areas such as illustration and writing. It is now looking to take on more work and expand the team with marketing professionals and new designers.

Snakeskin has never felt the need to limit itself to a particular sector; working with (let's say) "Tourism" exclusively would only serve to be boring, we couldn't fully support out clients there because of the competition within the sector itself. Instead, we work with clients who have "the thirst to be different." The one's who don't believe the current status quo is good enough, or interesting enough and want to do better. These are the types who want to lead in their respective sectors and with their target audiences, rather than copy what all else do.

SSS is a little dubious of working for most marketing agencies because of their quite frankly obvious "solutions" and a lack of parallel attitudes, like those of above. If you don't feel that description fits your marketing company and you value design more than just something that looks good, drop us a line so we can get to know eachother.

In case you wondered, Snakeskin Studios uses the royal "we, us, our..." because we aim to expand the team and we don't want to be changing all the copy when that happens.

Also, if you have the burning question of why "Death Adder" appears on our business cards: Death Adders represent the graphic design arm of the company, which was especially the case of the original team. Death Adders have the quickest strike of all snakes in the world, something we saw a parallel with in branding.


Snakeskin has a strong set of values that are unwavering:

  • Creativity needs to be fostered, being allowed the space and time to develop.
  • Ambition needs to be set highly and not be thwarted by the stand-point of irrelevant parties.
  • Humour and fun are not the opposite of professionalism, people love to smile.
  • Difference, allows you to stand-out, not blend in.
  • Passion needs to be encouraged, not having it shows little care for one's craft.
  • Excitement makes life interesting, brands avoiding this will forever be dull.
  • Determination; it needs to be made to happen, not happen for you.
  • Integrity is the backbone of business, not sticking to your values makes you an obvious sell-out.
  • Familiarity breeds contempt.