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Experimental Web Development and Design

Curious to know how some creativity and interactivity can spruce up your website without having to build an entirely new one? These working previews give a small glimpse into the ability of digital design - bear in mind these may not work on old-school browsers and some mobile platforms.


Web Developer

This section is dedicated to developing ideas and approaches within the creative web development remit. They may be small, home-page frills or even site-wide nuggets of goodness. Either way, not all ideas suit all clients, so we wanted to bring some visuals to the table to show what the web could do for you.

Interactive, Responsive & Animated Roll-Over Icons Demo.

Love the rule of three? Love icons? Love animation? Then check out this demo on animated roll-over icons, perfect for a landing page wayfinder.

26 August 2015

On-Hover, Fading Image Swap Responsive Menu.

Want your site viewers to be able to scroll through several pages of content in a manner that is dynamic, responsive and gives a small preview? This technique could work for you.

03 September 2015

Coming Soon: Scrolling Header That Reveals Content

Ever thought of using your homepage for short-term promotions, but didn't know where to put the element so that it would be visible enough, but not disrupt the overall look of the site? Check back later for this one.

Date: TBA

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