"A Graphic Design Agency That Takes The Status-Quo and Eats It."


A guide for quantifying good design.

Poor communication.

How do we agree that a design 'works'
when both parties speak a different language?

Design should serve a purpose.

Too much focus on the 'what' and not the 'why'.
We need strategy and rationale.

Objective not subjective.

What questions can we ask to remove personal preference?
How do we critique an approach?


Is there a good reason for it?

Know your stuff.

Design is there to represent the company, not the industry.
Focus on what is important to the company.

Why have we done it?

Ask what the point of the element is;
if it doesn't fulfil an objective it doesn't work.
Don't ask these questions after the fact.

Design is not a commodity.

It's not something to just put on a business card.
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Is it saying the right thing?

"One cannot not communicate."

Everything we say or show has an implied meaning.
Don't leave it to the viewer to decide what that is.


Using template layouts and logos is like wearing
someone else's face; it says nothing about you.
Plus, it looks unfitting.


Treat information like a game level; what's the degree of
experience for the player? Explain accordingly.
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Can it cope with change?

Prepare for change.

What happens if you add more products/services?
Remove the ego to allow for modification.

Brands have limits.

What are the essential elements that make your brand
recognisable?. What happens if you take one away?

Colour runs.

Colour is not your only affordance of change.
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Is it any different from the rest?

Seen it all before?

A lack of imagination is not proof that we have.
There will always be the new, embrace it.

Similarity sucks.

Looking the same will only serve to have you
forgotten. Live your differences, not your similarities.

Rationalise it.

Different is great, so long as there's a reason for it.
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Does it look captivating?

Not rude to stare.

Great design hooks you effortlessly, design that is
'attention grabbing' only irritates people.

Subtle attraction.

Design with depth is far more intriguing.
There is nothing interesting about plain visuals.

Civil War.

There's a fight between simple and chaotic – pick a side.
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Will it be remembered?

Passion & Ambition.

Show a real love for what you do?
Do people know what you hope to achieve?
Does it look as if you're here to stay?

Planned obsolescence.

Marketing agencies want you to keep coming back.
You'll get something that lasts only so long.

No success in 'safe.'

Be bold, take risks, challenge convention.
No one remembers the copy-cats.
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Change alone is perpetual, eternal, immortal.