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Creative Branding & Responsive Web Design In Cornwall

Our talent with graphic design allows us to create unique website designs, versatile branding and produce print perfect marketing materials. All of these combined make for cohesive company identities that go beyond just logo design.


Web Design

Having a website has not only become obligatory in today's world, it's now an essential element of marketing a company. People will use a website to achieve different aims, knowing what those are will help you build a site fitting to those needs.

At Snakeskin, we develop websites that are creative, responsive and branded. No templates, no static layouts and nothing bland – your customer's have seen that all before and they're bored of it.

DUE Ltd.

When saying the words 'energy efficiency' the first thought in one's mind isn't exciting, nor is it different. We wanted to challenge the conventions of such an industry – we felt it wasn't pushing the right message. The website uses heavily-set typography to draw focus to the message and how necessary it is to act upon it.

Caspar R. Heide Illustration

Caspar is an illustrator/designer hybrid from Oslo, Norway. He needed a website to show off the epic talent he possess, which lends itself to character design, book cover design and editorial design, to name a few.

Qualia Colour

There's far more to colour than meets the eye and there are few who possess a better understanding of colour psychology that Léonine from Qualia Colour. The company needed a rebrand, which we facilitated with a new identity, an extensive range of prints and a website. It is a perfect example of how a responsive website need not compensate creativity and interactivity to work across all viewports. Check this website at different times of the day for alternating experiences.

Mobile Web Vs. Apps

Some of the tech in mobile devices is very useful, but does the downsides of publishing a mobile app justify it?

Stop HTMLing!

“HTML5, CSS3, etc, are overused buzzwords and have already been around for years… As soon as they are actually fully used they will have been superseded.”

RITUAL – Tractable

When you add in more products or services to your line, they want to naturally fit in. If it feels difficult to work with, then your branding isn’t tractable.


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Rainbow Boa - 'Brochure' Sites

Want a creative and hassle-free online presence that shows off the best parts of your company? Ideal for service-based businesses, portfolio sites and product displays.
> What does it do? We don't price by number of pages, that's totally old school. Instead we base it on the level of content and how awesome we can make it.
> How complex is it? Not at all on the surface, but it will have a level interactivity that only comes with custom builds.

From £1500 + £70 hosting + 1 year free web management. *Most Popular*


Diamondback Rattlesnake - CMS Sites

Are you one of those types who likes to update the website with new content, blogs or just have control over creativity? Sounds like you need a content management system! Whilst these aren't our favourite, what with the imposed creative limits for the sake of content strategy, we can take a pragmatic approach. It won't be as custom, but it will be cool.
> What does it do? You'll have a 'template' designed for you that you can use to edit and publish content through a CMS such as Wordpress. >How complex is it? You're somewhat at the mercy of the given CMS here; their code is often heavy duty and not to be touched. The CSS build on top (the part you get from us) will be lightweight and clear.

From £2000
Black Viper - E-commerce Sites

Whilst our experience with these kind of sites is relatively small, our design first approach to web development could not apply here more. Whilst most e-commerce sites look to be stripped-back to suit mobile devices, our design will be 'on-brand' rather than just another portal to sell things through.
>What does it do? You'll be able to post items to sell; customers can create accounts and buy directly from the site. >How complex is it? Often these are similar builds to CMS sites, Majento being popular for this sort of thing. They are complex beasts that are designed with customer ease first (although we'd like to experiment with that) It often helps to integrate something like Shopify to ease up the required number of platforms in use. This may also warrant some outside help too.

From £3500 (you'd best chat with us first before taking this figure as is)


Thought Box

Web design is perhaps one of the easiest things to sell as a designer. Every company needs one, that much is clear, but to facilitate such a need a myriad of designers have 'branched out' to provide it; despite having no discernable talent in the field.


This is why we have so many designers using tools like Wordpress – all of the hard work is done for them, but that doesn't mean they have more time to concentrate on the design. With a lack of understanding and respect for coding, designers produce layouts that we've all seen before, one's that don't really explore the power of web development. They miss out on anything different and produce the predictable.

It bothers me how many stories we hear about web automation, how there's now A.I. that can automatically create grids based on the content of the site; it's all fine and dandy if you can't be asked to make a site, but you have to bear the consequence that it'll have no soul, just like the A.I.

I'm often asked what platform I use to make website. When I respond with "I actually hard-code" I'm considered to be some kind of genius; nobody does that because it's difficult. I actually think that knowing code makes it easier to design a website, not harder. This is why I'm seen a rare-breed, but learning code isn't difficult - it just requires a particular set of skills.


Webites Testimonials.

We'd Like to Work on:


We talk heavily about the 'power of the web' but get little opportunity to demonstrate that visually. What I aim to do with this section is develop working micro-sites that show off a particular technique or code-trick. I'm acutely aware that such methods aren't right for all client's – so instead we'll showcase these ideas, allowing them to not think of website design so linearly.

Familiarity breeds contempt.



– Logo Design – Visual Identity – Corporate Identity – Company Naming – Market Positioning – Rebranding –

Branding, known to have many names, is the process of creating a visual representation of your company that is recognisable across several different mediums.

Tristram Stott Architects

Tristram Stott Architects are a local architecture firm that design contemporary houses, apartments and commercial buildings that have a respect for tradition. *Project Page Is Under Construction*

Cornwall Brewers' Alliance

The Cornwall Brewers' Alliance is an informal grouping of Cornish beer producers with a view for cross-promotion, joint distribution and events. The Cornwall Brewers' Alliance was the first Snakeskin project – we produced the branding and developed large format prints for them.

Artisan Crepes

Local creperie stand owner Joe decided to break form with his previous franchise and go at it alone, he needed a brand that would reflect the artistry of his process and add credibility to his new enterprise. We produced a brand, loyalty cards along with a custom stamp and large format print.

Suffering From Simplicity.

The reason so many brands and designers opt for a vague approach is because they can’t really home-down on what makes the company different.

Typographic Truro.

A casual stroll results in the need to educate a fundamental of design.

RITUAL – Unique

Why have faster horses when you can have cars?


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Northern Ribbon Snake - Small Start-up

Even a brand new company needs a good brand to be a lasting success. If you're serious about your business and are firmly grounded in reality, a small but distinctive brand is the way forward that doesn't break the bank.
> What does it cover? You'll get a logo and a business card designed at least. We'll often include small amounts of copy, such as slogans or key phrases.

From £300 (exclu. prints)


Californian King Snake - SME

Been in business a little while but feel a need to regroup/refocus/reflect? Rebrand! Great if you've yet to invest energies in marketing and want to carve your slice of the pie.
> What does it cover? Logo and variants, cards, marketing copy, branding guidelines + one category from print design.

From £700 (exclu. prints)
Western Hognose Snake - Stores/Places

You'll find that stores are becoming harder to keep hold of in the modern day, you need to make sure your customers not only enjoy the products, but the experience too for them to keep coming back.
> What does it cover? Logos, signage, point of sale, posters, marketing copy (however this really depends on the type of store, this is typical of most)

From £1000 (exclu. prints)
Albino Burmese Python - Larger Corporate

Let it be known that all our clients are treated with the same levels of creativity and enthusiasm, even the corporates. Don't let the status quo dictate your company’s brand; you need something unique and exciting that suits.
> What does it cover? Logo & sub branding, business cards, copy writing, branding guidelines + three categories from print design.

From £1800 (exclu. prints)


Thought Box

Branding is well regarded as one of the most important aspects of business, and yet so many people get it wrong.


What saddens me is the associated apathy of branding, it should be reflecting why you've taken the plunge into business - instead everyone prefers a 'professional' outcome, which reflects zero values. My issue with professionalism is that it should be taken for granted; but what does that actually mean? A bedroom developer can't be professional because he creates some of the best web apps around in his boxer shorts? Professionalism should be the commitment to deliver on an agreement in a mature manner - that doesn't mean it can't be passionate and it certainly doesn't mean it can't be unique.

But I'm aware of the intangible nature of branding, the unquantifiable metrics of brand personality; it goes a long way to explain why people opt for something uncharismatic and predictable – its safer that way. But this is why I do business in Cornwall. Sure, it's harder cash wise, but it's full of passionate people who are being targeted by marketing companies who know their relative lack of knowledge on the subject provides little creative resistance.

Cornwall is in need of new blood and we've just hit the donor bank.


Branding Testimonials.

We'd Like To Work On:

A Note On Marketing:

The idea that marketing is a one-off, cheap and achievable through only one entity is ludicrous. Word of mouth is the ultimate aim, but not one company relies purely on that and remains lucrative. Marketing relates to all revenue generating operations for a business and thus, covers a very large arena.

At Snakeskin, we help companies position themselves for marketing campaigns and produce marketing material for them. We don't manage online campaigns or distribute to, say, magazines. To believe that one company can cover all of these bases is daft, and if they do indeed offer that, it won't be any good.

Chaos and order are not opposites.


Print Design

– Leaflets – Booklets – Editorials – Flyers – Business Cards – Posters – Banners – Packaging – Book Covers – Labels – Stationary –

SSS meticulously creates layouts, presents information in the clearest manner and makes every piece of printed marketing unique; meaning customers are more likely to retain the print and engage with it on the desired level.


Desperate times call for desperate measures; despite this sentiment this company took our advice half-heartedly and it wound them up defunct. We produced some beautifully raw designs that would be a shame not to show off – the message being that a strategy needs to be properly implemented for it to work, rather than idealised.

The Engine Room

Creating a range of prints that require the use of cogs might sound limiting, but like the eternal Bob Gill says "Limits are possibilities." For the marketing of a range of developmental courses we created a feeling of progress – each cog turns the other. This helped give an over-arching element, one that would look great to display together, but also work individually.

Fallen On Good Times

Our long-time 'business buddy' Rewan Tremethick wanted to venture into producing novels and his first point of call for the cover was us! We produced a book cover that matched the tone of his mysterious, inventive and comical novel with a view to create a range in the future. We seriously recommend giving it a read: you can buy it here at: Amazon.co.uk

RITUAL – Informative

Whatever we do, say or signify, the person receiving that information receives or infers meaning from it; no matter what the information is.

RITUAL – Alluring

This is where non-creatives really struggle – what looks good is totally subjective and instead of trying something new, the safe option seems preferable.


See a comprehensive list of all prices here.

Tiger Snake - Promotion

Looking for some giveaways to jolt the memory of potential customers? Bolster the presence of your business with VAT free* printing and awesome design!
> What does it cover? Leaflets, flyers, booklets, merchandise

From £200 per item (exclu. prints)


Malabar Pit Viper - Display

Fancy showing off a little? Perhaps you have a business fair to be at or you're presenting at an event, either way, you need to get noticed.
>What does it cover? Signage, banners and/or stands

From £300 per item (exclu. prints)
Banded Krait - Product

Do you make things and sell them to people? Well makes sure you dress it up properly! Use this category to package your items with some panache and add value to your product.
>What does it cover? Point of sale, packaging (bottles / boxes / sleeves / cases / books), Menus (mainly for restaurants.)

From £400 per item + £100 per variant (exclu. prints)
Eastern Brown Snake - Office

Are you one of those serious types that has a thing for pens and headed paper? Give your communication some much needed authority - a must for corporates.
>What does it cover? pens, paper, notepads, uniforms, the like.

From £250 for the lot. (exclu. prints)
Taipan - Publicity

Taking to the streets and want the backing of a large format campaign? Get heads turning and the phones ringing.
>What does it cover? posters, billboards, anything requiring two or more hands to hold.

From £400 (exclu. prints)
Philippine Cobra - Editorial

Got something interesting and intelligent to say? Comprehensive, written campaigns can engage on a deeper level than just a flyer.
>What does it cover? newsletters, magazine layouts, company reports, info graphics, advertorials + the copy written.

From £400 scales with size of the item (exclu. prints)

*VAT free depends on the purpose of the prints and will require research beforehand.


Thought Box

Being able to physically hold a print or product is usually when a person feels the true value of a brand. From birth we engage with objects through our sense of touch, it helps us build a complex and memorable connection with the given item. You could close your eyes and know the difference between a bottle of hand-soap and bottle of beer, but not the difference between two websites.


This understanding is exactly why print is very, very much alive in my eyes. Meandering through a website pales in comparison to the satisfaction of flicking though a magazine – there's a sense of authenticity that comes with the real thing.

But despite all of that, you can't just have one route and be done with it, even e-commerce websites send prints post-purchase, just cast your mind to Amazon's packaging. A good brand will be able to display their identity coherently across both mediums.


Print Testimonials.

We'd Like to work on:


Unfortunately for us, the office isn't filled with the whirring of large-format printers and the scent of freshly pressed ink. To bring our clients prints to life we work with Exaprint.co.uk as a print partner; they work exclusively with designers and marketing companies. We get access to a massive range of finishes and low cost prints that don't compromise on quality – we can get 250 business cards for as little as £11 if need be. Print turn around is relatively quick and we can have digital proofs to verify everything is tip-top before sending designs to the rollers. Get in touch for an instant quote.

Change alone is perpetual, eternal, immortal.